Where it all started

It started way back in 2003 (18th of May to be specific).  I know it was with some friends from church, a picnic with the cell group  at Helderberg Nature Reserve.  One of those typical May weekends in Cape Town, warm days while the winter is snugging in and pancakes & soup is the general food in most houses.

We were still young in our relationship, and, just maybe, I (Franco) still wanted to impress Anneke.  But I also wanted to stay true to myself.

So the picnic was packed with little jars with different food and interesting flavours, and some friends started calling us the “botteltjie-mense” (the jar-people).  And still to this day you can always find interesting jars (some small, some bigger) with interesting foods and flavours, some maybe pass the use-by date, in our fridge.

So, why not bring all these flavours together and share it with friends.  Hunt bargains and make them available for all to share.  If I must think where it all started, it was maybe unintentionally with that basket with different jars on the grass in Helderberg Nature Reserve, living life with friends that are as close as family.

Deli sales

We stock a wide range of banting, gluten-free and healthy food helping customers to make better food choices without breaking the bank.

With the New Year we also have the amazing opportunity to expand the Deli.  Our new hours are as follows:

  • Mondays: Closed
  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 10am to 4pm.  Available on appointment for group functions.  Ideal for meetings, cell group or any group functions.
  • Thursdays: 10am to 6pm. “Restaurant” as well as Deli sales.  Pensioners get their plunger coffee/tea free!
  • Fridays: 10am to 6pm. “Restaurant” as well as Deli sales.  Ideal for business people who want a quiet area to discuss work over a cup of coffee or to have a small meeting.  Or to use our free WiFi and work in the garden!
  • Saturdays: 10am to 4pm. “Restaurant” as well as Deli sales – as normal


Our functions are individually organized and planned to suit your every need.  We have a range of options available from High Teas to Continental Breakfasts.  We can cater for 10 to 30 people on our stoep area or in the garden.  Ideal for Birthdays, Stork Teas, Kitchen Teas, Office outings...team building over breakfast, lunch or high tea! Contact Anneke on 083 294 2015 or by email bookings@42onsonneblom.co.za to enquire about this service.